Newborn Clothes

Have you ever had a problem with the clothes that are available to moms when you are bringing your new bundle of joy home? I have 5 children and none of them ever fit the new born clothing correctly. I came up with a solution for baby # 5. I had 2 long sleeve baby t-shirts. I put decorative snaps around the collar of one shirt. I, then snapped the buttons and presto, the long sleeved shirt then became snug little pants that fit perfectly. I now make them in all different colors for my friends. Your baby could wear this as a shirt or pants. They are really cute and can be personalized also. My friends and I love them!!!
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  • astuledano
    15 de enero 18:15

    yes, i would like to see photos too!

  • kerlonta
    03 de junio 21:20


    please, post photos

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