Work place/office equality for all employees of every sexual orientation

Throughout the entire United States, in every state; and region; every American citizen; and every registered Visa holder employee would have equal Human rights;
I have fired twice just for being gay.  Meanwhile the gay guys kept on being employed;
the double standard in our gay, lesbian, and bi communities must stop.  
Every American citzen; and every employee as long as punctual; focused,
and having a strong work ethic deserves equal treatment; respect; and equal rights to be employed; and to be promoted, and even allowed to be given raises
when doing tasks well and showing initiative; and teamwork.
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  • guanche
    05 de agosto 10:40

    Sexual or ethnic condition should not be an incentive or an inconvenient to do a work, if it is done with the responsibility and eficience that it requered.

    The important thing is the person and how is, independent of anything else, that even should not be asked at the interview.

    I hope you find a good job where you be appreciated because the person you are and your value to do that work and not because your sexual condition, color or physical.



  • echeva
    04 de junio 00:27

    Not only every american citizen, but every world citizen deserves equal treatment, despite of their sexual orientation which is something not to be judged by anyone.

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