Why must people get so finicky over viewing the human body? Even some doctors and nurses I know cringe at the thought of nudity out of the context of their examining rooms. What's wrong with our world? We all just need to grow up.
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  • guanche
    05 de agosto 09:32

    Nude human body is seen as an agresion or a drepravation by some people, but it isnt problem of the nudity itself, is just a problem of that people mind.

    They have the right to not watch not the right to not see. Same as if someone don't like your face has not the right to force you to wear a sack over it, or forbid you to go out to street with your bare face or assign and build a "gueto" for people as you to live.

    Nudity is the most natural form to be , and it have nothing related with sex, exhibition or anything so. It is just the most natural way to be into harmony with nature and to accept ourself as we are. I see logical to forbid any kind of sexual act at public in front of minors but not nudity. There is nothing bad about nudity, and we all born so, and to get clothed is just a personal choice or an social inducted conduct most of times.

    You just have to watch boys and as he act about nudity if they would not be if not conducted by their fathers. He would be nude when weather allow it and would be dressed when felt unconfortable about weather condition. And anyway, they use to see others nudity as a natural thing, at least they see their parents get annoyed or mad about it, in such case they use to imitate them.

    Clothes people against nudity have the right to not practice it, but they have not the right to force others to be clothed as they want, or to live as they want, as the open minded people about nudity have not right to force their ideas or nudity to the rest.

    We have to respect each other, and share this world as the best way we can.



  • beautifulbrunettebabe66
    31 de julio 07:45

    Interesting thoughts. I had a teacher in (oddly) my very small homeschool arts program (whom was forced to cover up the dick in a picture of the famous David statue by Michelangelo because of their strict rules) state that she didn't see anything wrong with human nudity in art, and nudes. It's merely appreciating the human form, a whole form of artwork unto itself. The human form is beautiful, so I don't see why nudity is such a big deal.
    This same school btw also had all the nudes (or "bad") works of art in the Music History texts books blanked out in sharpie. *rollseyes*. That just makes me more curious about what's there.

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