Hands, not all the same size.

I love to dye my hair but, my only problem is the gloves are way too big and I end up doing my dyes without gloves.  welI, I don't have to tell you what my hands look like, or that it takes a long tome to wash my hands clean.  

I propose a streatchable latex, one size fits all.  It's hard to do a flawless color with all that plastic in the way.

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  • moria
    17 de junio 19:51

    There is a type of plastic gloves you can buy at the supermarket that are a bit like you say: one size fits all. they are very thin, like surgeon gloves, and I think you could totally use them for dying your hair!

  • minnie
    04 de junio 03:26

    I have the same problem but inversely. My hands are big and large and a strech glove would be great

  • ladyvirgo
    04 de junio 02:48

    I think this is a wonderful idea! (gotta support myself lol).

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