Free transportation for those with small kids

Living here in the extremely hot heat in the summer and almost freezing to below freezing temperatures in the winter to go grocery shopping or get other things you need when you have 1 baby or more than 1 even the stroller can't hold everything that is needed most of the time.  So it would be nice if the Government gave incentives to people to donate their vehicles and they would not only be able to have them as tax write-offs at the end of the year but they would give some money back to you too at the end of the year for helping out a family with babies - elementary school aged child or children for doing a good deed/being helpful.  The family would be able to experience piece of mind because they won't have to run over people's feet on the buses (or other public transportation) or block the ailes and make everybody mad.  Plus there would be more happy people in this world because no one is being inconvenienced by blocked ailes, ran over toes and the family (mom, dad, or both) would not have to have heat exhaustion or when pregnant what normally takes a hour by bus would be 1-1/2 hours (minimum) because of constantly having to stop and rest more due to shortness of breath because of the added weight of the baby developing inside of the mom/mom-to-be.  Also, having the kids in the trucks (or cars) with heat or a/c whatever is needed at the time will help to keep the child(ren) healthier to especially if they are always kicking off blankets and shoes or will refuse to keep a hat on their heads.truck_request_for_donation.doc
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