Tax Incentives To Keep Workers At Home

Offer tax incentives to businesses to develop and implement a "work from home" employee base, when possible.  Why have people waste fuel and add to air pollution in order to sit in an office for 8 hours or more every day?

The software technology is available to allow monitoring of employee work time on their computer, and for project management tasks.

Remove 1 million and more drivers/cars from the twice/daily - 5 days a week commute and watch the pollution levels, traffic accidents, and stress levels (which leads to health issues)  go down.    

It would be a win-win-win proposition for the businesses, the employees, and the environment.

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3 comentarios

  • frank23
    24 de septiembre 16:26

    Excellente idea. Congratulations

  • mupo
    08 de agosto 09:43

    Brilliant and simple idea. Hope regulators visit this web site.

  • minnie
    04 de junio 16:05

    i couldnt agree more delocalization of working space is part of the globalization process

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