Crazy for logs.

I'd like my phone conversations to be automatically translated into logs and saved somewhere. Then I could go back to what was said and it would save me a lot of time and arguments.
I can do it with my gmail chats and emails, it's only reasonable that one day we can do it with our oral words too.

Someone make that machine!
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  • waseem
    10 de marzo 11:54

    I think its possible as applications have been developed to convert voice to text in mobile phones. No idea whether there is integration of this application with calls to create logs. But it can be done..good.

  • Ronak
    18 de noviembre 06:16

    there are large num of softwares available to do such kind of stuffs.. more to this this softwares are free of cost

  • kgs
    28 de julio 12:13

    good idea, vote++

  • samewal
    16 de febrero 08:22

    not logs but ur conversation can be recorded using call recorder and i think that's better. Just u hv o install a software. Ne way it was a good ida

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 17:18

    yes it would be good

  • minnie
    04 de junio 14:36

    Maybe your voice canversations could be transefred to text via spinvox and then stored somewhere dfor you

  • echeva
    04 de junio 11:46

    Hey that's currently possible, but you should have to inform your partner before!

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