avoiding defaults in the i4a posts

Answering to ADMIN in relation to the problem:   people submit generic ideas to ideas4all :

Maybe it is because "ideas 4 ideas4all" is the default category...
Should we put a blank field in this category and make this field mandatory?
Should we explain it better? how?

What are you ideas on this topic?

My opinion:

1- yes, it is because that is the default option. 
2- the mandatory option is an easy, practical and good solution
3- no, no more explanatins are needed.

A more sophisticatec solution can be:

Put the CATEGORY combo just after the TAGS inputs. In this moment, the ideator has a recent, clearer and better understanding about his/her idea categorization.

Anyway, apply the  2)  mentioned solution: blank field and make this field mandatory

( :-)  of course, the IDEAS4ALL categorization for this post is completly right :-)  )
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  • ana amelia
    17 de junio 12:46

    Thanks Kerlonta!! This makes a lot of sense

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