Banning Smoking Gently

I've recently given up smoking (although not to do with the recent change in law), and it was a very hard thing to do, and that was even when I wanted to do it!
There is a voice to ban smoking outright in the UK at the moment.  I would suggest that to do this succesfully, without the black market going crazy, you could raise the minimum age for tobacco sales by a year every year, effectively phasing it out gradually and then abolishing it in 100 years time or something.

This would not then force the current smokers to give up, but is an added incentive for the next generation not to bother starting.  Once the age got to mid-twenties, it would get harder to keep track of.. maybe one way round that is to open up tobacconists again, and everyone has to provide ID to buy it.

It also then phases out the governments income from the taxes gradually rather than a sudden loss, and hopefully, the smoking related health care costs would also gradually decrease in time to match.
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