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create a vehicle which runs on brain power without the need for connecting wires/helmets...a telepathy powered vehicle; by looking right, the vehicle turns right; looking left, the vehicle turns left; a nod of the head launches stupidity missiles from behind the headlights at drivers who have no business operating a vehicle; vehicles will be built indistructibly like a mine-sweeping tank equipped with a road-clearing plow to remove stupidity debris; the engine will run on oceanic salt water thus helping save tourists, greenpeacers, Al Gore and Californians from rising sea levels;  equipped with the latest in 2-dimensional navigational systems the vehicle would be able to go anywhere - as long as the passenger was able to navigate properly; also, standard equipment would include water-tight seals for underwater driving, and an ejection passenger seat for those navigators who cannot navigate
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  • jabixo
    01 de agosto 13:44

    that would be incredible :P

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