Glowing Cars

I think car paint should be slightly mixed with chemicals which make them glow in the dark (charged by sunlight). This faint glow makes cars more visable at night, in bad weather etc.
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  • quique77
    01 de diciembre 20:09

    It´s a good idea. I hope you visit my similar ideas, like hybrid cars using electric power and biodiesel. I v+t+. See you soon.

  • ukmark
    18 de septiembre 10:37

    slightly mixed, why not tip the whole chemical lot in there and we can have cars glowing like beacons and save on needing headlights and street lamps.. then we can put it in our kids milk and have them safely working around at night. only joking it is an interesting idea you have rally and it has given me an idea too....... i shall post it on Ideas

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