Nutrition Makes You Healthy

On a strict diet but find it difficult to avoid eating ?The least you can do is have somthing that is high on nutrition and also makes you feel full
Sadly enough, there's no magic way to burn fat but there are some foods that can make you feel full and at lest lead to a steady blood glucose levels. Here are some of them.

SOUP: A hunger-satisfying combination of liquids and solids.In a recent study,women who had chicken and rice soup consumed an average of 100 less calories than those who consumed the same quantity of chicken and rice as a daily diet and with a glass of water.

EGGS: It's a great source of protein,which is one of the key nutrients for keeping you full.Latest research has proved that those who eat eggs for breakfast significantly cut down on their food intake over the next 24 hours.

LOW- FAT-YOGURT:'Low-fat-diry' are the new buzzwords in obesity control.In a recent study international study conducted,dieters eating threeservings of yoghurt daily lost twice as much weight their non dairyeating counterparts during a 12 week experiment.One theory is that calcisum helps the body to burn fat more efficiently and another is it ups the amount of fat that passes through the digestive tract unabsorbed.

SALAD:start with a big plate of salad for dinner and you will consume fewer calories at your meal overall as long as you skip the dressing or go for a fat- free one. Or you could scoff an apple before you tuck into your evening meal.It will have the same effect.

ALMONDS:Slimmers who eat a handful of almonds a day tend to lose more weight than those who don't, according to researchers.One possible resaon for this is thought to be that the fat calories in almonds may not be completely absorbed.Nuts also contain fiber and protien,which makes them highly satisfying.

CANNED BEANS: All pulses have protiens with a very low glycaemic index, meaning they release energy slowly into the body,so they keepyou fuller for can add them to soups and casseroles to bulk up meals,without adding many calories.

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