Plant A Cure

Tips to cure diseases with the help of Plants

KadiPatta(Curry leaves): Chew 300curry leaves a day (50 curry leaves at a time).It for diabetes,digestive problems,eye disorders,kindey disorders,premature grey hair and hair fall,blood pressure.

Aloevera: It is very useful for skin and falling hair .

Coriander: Useful in digestive and eye disorders, smallpox, high cholesterol, excessive ,flow (boil seeds in water till half, sweeten with honey and drink warm ), conjunctivitis, skin disorders.

Methi: Useful in digestive disorders,
anaemia, fever, respiratory infections, bad breath, and body odour(drink tea of seeds), diabetes, dandruff (soak two tea spoons of seeds in water and grind into a fine past, apply for one hour), mouth ulcers, sore throat.

Ginger: Useful for menstrual disorders.A piece of fresh ginger pounded and boiled in a cup of water for a few minutes, then sweetened with honey ,should be taken thee to four times daily after meals, for painfull and irregular menstruation.

Garlic: Useful in chest disease like Tuberculsis,Asthma,digestive disorders, high blood pressure,rheumatism, heart attack,Cancer, blood disorders, skin wounds,ulcers, etc.

Onion: Useful for respiratory problems, tuberculosis, anaemia, heart problems, cholera, urianry problems, piles, dental, skin, er problems, etc.

Cloves: Useful in digestive disorders, Cholera, coughs, Asthma, dental problems, earache, muscular cramps, and headache.

French Beans: Stimulate the production of insulin,useful in diabetes ,also useful for gout and ulcers. Drinks in juice form.

Carrots: Contain tocokinin,an insulin-like substance very useful diabetes. It is a very good remedy for eczema or psoriasis, teeth and eye disorders, also cancer.

Sowa: Useful fordigestive disorders, diarrhoea, dysentry, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders, bad breath, boils and swellings, it's of great value in pregnancy for loctation and is used regulary after childbirth.

Neem: Highly medicinal, it is useful in relieving flatulence, promoting the removal of phlegm from the bronchil tubes, and in increasing secretion and discharge of urine. An infusion or a decoction of the fresh leaves is a bitter vegetable tonic, esepecially in chronic malaria fevers.

Cow's Ghee: Due to its zero cholesterol level, has high medicinal value. Good for the heart, great as a laxative, useful for eye, skin problems, cold (put a few drops in the nostrils in the morning and before going to sleep), ear problems, insomni (a few drops on the umbilical chord is known to induce sleep)
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