What if everyone is identified by a number?

Think of a social security system that's global - every citizen of the world has a unique number - the first three digits to represent the country (this can be the international telephone code), the next three the geographical location within the country and the rest (maybe another 12 digits) that represents the individual. Think of a massive computer network that identifies everyone thru this number, and everything you do - government, police, education, medical records are all controlled by this number.
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  • flowerking
    23 de junio 21:01

    excellent idea .. but highly impractical.. because each country got their own law and there are strict laws of data protection for every country on its own. Also who will regulate the database?! and such information can be easily mis-used by countries to gain advantage over many things. Terrorist threats should also be a concern.

    But the idea is really superb.

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