Unity in Art

This world is becoming a tough place to live in. The hatred among different communities is constantly increasing. Whatever has happened is past? The past and the present generation is gone, but let's improve the future ones.

I think ART and Crafts along with Music is the only thing which have the abitily to make this place a better place.

IDEA: Let's involve each and every child in every continent. Let's start a global Art and Crafts Fair. Let's collect drawings, paintings, music etc from every school in this world and create a mobile fair, which would visit evert place to unify the people all around the World. When the children learn and observe the other cultures and discover that after all we are not that different, can true friendship and sense of community flourish.

Now, this requires funding. Huge funding. We can approach the governments, Charity Organisations, MNCs etc to donate funds. After all if they can spend trillions of $s in war and destruction, a handful of that will serve the purpose very well. The huge logistical challange can be dealt with by using Courier companies and they  in turn can get huge public prase for that. Finally, to see to it that the program meets its objective, the entire responsibility should be given to the UN or UNICEF.

Moreover, it cannot be for a single year or such, it has to be a long term program, (perhaps yearly) for it to succed.
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2 comentarios

  • reximes
    18 de enero 13:39

    Good idea!! You've my positive vote.

  • smithdelabarca
    15 de enero 12:52

    Beautiful idea, iccotdis! :-)

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