Chennai, erstwhile Madras

Much of the unhappiness in the city of Chennai is because of the crowdiness and lack of amenities for those who may not seem to fit the 'developed ones' picture. These are people who have long been left out of the 'real progression' of the city, scorned for their devious behaviour, and feared for their brazen, unconventional outspokennness. The juggle of governments that come into play may provide them with temporary sops, trying to alleviate their misery as long as they would co-operate with the ruling and remain vote banks that could be manipulated with a hefty dose of emotions and more sops.
There really needs to be a shift in this kind of thinking. The answer to no-strings-attached happiness could well lie in the proposal below:
Expand the city geographically. Most of the people living there wonder if they would still be called 'Chennaites' if they move to the suburbs. With the expanse, the name too does.
Build effective schools in various places in this expanse. Make the cost of educating the child, especially the girl child, very minimal.
Strew multinational factories strategically in this expanse.
Build high-speed, really high speed, transport networks that will connect remote corners of the expanse to hot-spots with the main city. This network needs to be more technologically advanced than the ones that prevail within the present confines of the city.
Make appropriate arrangements for basic amenities, including a healthy supply of rations just like one has access to in the city.
House the people who presently lead a 'decrepit' life in such futuristic colonies which could be improvised upon once their offspring make good of the academic opportunities and find themselves in healthy economic stations.
Make appropriate jobs for the relocated.
Devise large-scale campaigns which clearly profess that it is the same city that has expanded for a noble cause and not a relocation that has made outcasts of dwellers.
Create a short-term dedicated service network that will cater to these people in the expanse, advising them clearly that they are capable of sorting it out themselves in course of time.
The pinnacle of this need-based change would be to draw a plan that will erase differentiation between the 'old' and the 'new' and prove to be profitable for one and all.
Welcome happiness.
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