Flight renting brokerage

Usually, planes are rent for hours. This makes it extremely expensive. Sometimes, you would like to rent a VLA, flight to other city, spend a weekend, visit it, visit your friends or relatives, or simply have a lunch in a restaurant and then return home. But you have to pay for hours.

I think it would be a great idea to develop a system and/or a business in Internet, to register flight plans for people who will rent a plane. With a critical mass of users, this system would seek for combinations for one-way flights, so it would match people renting to flight from A to B with people renting to flight from B to A. This way, you would just pay for the time dedicated to flying, and planes would be available more time for more people.

Of course, the higher the number of users, the higher the savings and/or potential benefits and also the higher the probability to match more complex combinations of flight plans and number of planes.

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4 comentarios

  • neelu
    01 de noviembre 07:52

    good idea , but it needs big platform everywhere,
    hello see and vote to my idea also.

  • el último xel’naga
    22 de agosto 19:15

    It might extend to the rent of other transport: yachts, cars, water motorcycles, etc.

  • echeva
    25 de julio 11:41

    Minnie, I think it is beacuse european general & sportive aviation rules. There are too few sportive pilots in Europe because it is a expensive and diffucult (because of these rules) hobby. In USA it'd be a better idea as rules are much less restrictive, there are lots of pilots, it is much easier to fly from ANY city to ANY city inside your country, and there are more standarized-by-rules categories of airplanes (i.e, VLAs). So I think it is much more a problem related with geography and law than with times :-)

  • minnie
    03 de junio 18:24

    I had a neighbour in Mallorca that had this ideas ages ago, she was a pilot herself and did not get any funding. Times have changed and I belive today it would fly

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