How to Save water (a necessity)

To save water in our bathroom we just have to have a liter bottle or 750 ml, filled with water and place it inside the reservoir tank of the toilet, so the water level is always optimal and the discharge pressure will be equal, but empty the bath will be filled bottle into the tank, so we will be saving one liter of water each time you empty the bath and not lose efficiency in the discharge pressure is simple and costs nothing, just short as you can save more and that is used the bathroom.


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  • vikramaintl
    05 de febrero 07:41

    While bathing,Instead of shower use bucket filled with water at least on unhurried days/holidays.
    While taking a daily shaving,use a mug of water instead of running water from tap continuously.
    Ensure there is no leak tap at home.
    Every drop of saving is important!Every one in the family should be conscious in practising.

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