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I live in India and we Indians recently are being forced to pay more for gas (petrol). Due to the rising prises of Crude Oil in the International markets, we are at a situation where we now have to pay more than 10% than we used to earlier. I want to ask a question. Does the government think of raising the salaries every time there's a prise rise? Who will take care of the extra 10% for every litre of petrol we buy? Specially in an India where the majority of earning class is the middle-class, who have shoe-string budgets despite the rise in disposible income, that means asking for a lot !! Not just petrol, we are having to shell out more than 15% to buy a LPG cylinder. That means an additional Rs.50 more. At the end of the day it's us the middle-class who suffer. The prise rise in such areas need to be taken into account and the salaries need to be adjusted against that. Or to counter the effects of prise rise in petrol, the office management needs to take initiatives such as carpooling, pick-up & drop facilities etc.

As for saving the environment the govt. needs to rethink it's import tax for Hybrid cars, which stands at an exorbitant rate of 400%!!!
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