Extracting Electrical Energy from waste CIGARETTE STUBS or BUTTS

 Hi All,

  I have found a way to use waste cigarette stubs to extract useful electrical energy. My good old friends "Bacteria" helped me achieve this. Right now I am working on extending the possible applications such as road side mobile phone charging kiosks and things like that. It is believed that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are on the roads every year in the world. Forget about the collection mechanism. I am confident that will be overcome. In the airports, the stubs can be collected from the smoking zone and use them for setting up mobile charging outlets. At the moment I am dreaming of using it to power up LED lamps and I am confident of that.

I have applied for a patent too. If you are interested please contact me.

About myself:

 I am Prakash Vaithyanathan, a Science teacher associated with Olive International school Chennai. This work of mine has been established beyond doubt and I am interested in collaborating with people across the world to take it to the next step. If you are interested in obtaining the patent number of my application, pls contact me along with your credentials.


Regards, Prakash
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Prakash Vaithyanathan

Prakash Vaithyanathan


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3 comentarios

  • ajmalhussain
    02 de marzo 18:06

    really shocked
    wondering electrical energy from CIGARETTE STUBS
    good idea .. keep going on sir :)

  • nadal
    23 de febrero 17:40

    excellent idea.

  • Radha1975
    21 de febrero 14:49

    I am shocked. Good one

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