Toilet training for cats

Encourage your cat to stop using the litter tray and go outside by following these easy instructions:
1. Line the litter tray with 2 or 3 layers of good quality tin-foil - leave 2 or 3 inches hanging over at each end,
2. Take a length of 13A electric cable with a fused plug attached to one end (TIP! this can easily be removed from your TV with a sharp knife!)
3. Remove 10" of the outside plastic casing from the plugless end.
4. Remove 1" of the insulation from both the blue and brown wires - ignore the stripey green and yellow one. 
4. Using crocodile clips, attach these 2 wires to the excess foil on the litter tray - one wire at each end. 
Done! you may want to give your cat plenty of water so that you can see just how effective this really is!
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  • ukmark
    18 de septiembre 09:27


  • les
    15 de septiembre 21:47

    Would this system also work on Mother in Law?

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