The World is Over Populated

I think that our planet is over-populated; there are 6.5 billion human beings and it is leading to over-crowding
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3 comentarios

  • spirit
    18 de enero 00:01

    what do you mean with that? this is not an idea

  • ukmark
    18 de septiembre 10:04

    I don't think the World is over populated. there is plenty of room for all of us and more. look at the UK looks overcrowded but when you really look at it most of the country is owed by a few big land owners some who own many thousands of acres that are not being used. look at Australia, we have we more people living in London. I reckon we could fit a few more in there, don't you

  • nikita
    20 de junio 10:46

    Maybe the idea to solve this problem is to stop having childrens. And then we will have more money to spend in ourselves, less headaches with those kid´s problems and we will finally find the happiness.
    I´m joking :)

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