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The original idea was:

People are about to take the exams to enter university. Many of the future university students have no clear vocations. They do not know what kind of careers they want to pursue, less what they want to do as a job. And even if they do, they are totally unaware of the pros and cons of their career choice.

There are orientation courses that lecture on career options. But there are no courses that take you to experience what your life will be if you decide to be a surgeon, a web designer, an actor, a telecom engineer, a research scientist, a teacher or a stockbroker. And I mean "EXPERIENCE". Let's take this last example. An 18 year old, with good skills in mathematics and analytics believes that it has to be cool to be a stockbroker, making lots of money. He hence decides to go for business an economics. But, does he really know what his day to day life will be like? Wouldn't it be great if he could spend a day as the shadow of a real stockbroker, experiencing what his work is like, maybe having a chance to learn from him the ups and downs of the business?

To create a business around this, it would be necessary to acquire a good network of professionals interested in either making some extra money, or just in helping young people to take that crucial first step towards their working life.

The career you chose is not only a set of subjects that you might like or enjoy. To a certain extend it is also a way of life...

I am sure lots of people would pay to make this choice in  a more informed manner!!


My contribution to this  idea by Moria  Courses to experience career options

I'm thinking ... maybe a site with a forum can be a good implementation of this:

Professionals can post their experiences, answer questions an so on. It is important to have got the participation of several professionals, because a particular  story is not a representative story...

I think this kinks of sites can be soported (sposonred) by universities ( public and privates ) as a way to promote their career offert. In this context, it can be a free service.

Usually, universities, have got "old students" associations , i think a natural activity of them can be participate in an activity like this.

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