solar electricity

answering to teh problem by Einstein  in electricity :

Is there any way we can increase the production of electricity (alternate sources) for home needs. Regular power cuts are a big nuis

Well, i think the solution is solar cell panels (in your house, in your building with your neighbors) :

Also you need a program of subventions and laws similar to the spanish ones:
  - in order to align the credit lines by banks for theses aims
  - in order the electricity companies pay you for recoverin your excess (1)

(1) : electricity production by solar cells is very irregular (season, day, night): sometimes you get more than you need and sometimes you need more than you get. So, your home installation have to be connected to the power network and this contract has to got government garanties.

The point is that , many home installations together can give to the electricity companies an extra "product" to manage, deliver and sell... (and extra production injected directly to their net)

In Spain , the investment for a home installation (in the explained context) is recovered around 10 years. After this time, the owner starts to obtain profits!
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