Air supply visual alarm for divers

Every experienced diver knows sometimes novices forget to take care about the amount of air the still have. Divemasters always ask their groups during their briefings to tell them whenever they reach half the capacity of the air tank, but once and again it is so frequent that novice divers get distracted and forget to do it.

It would be really useful to have any mean to know that your buddies (or yourself) are close to start using the air reserve, the same way cars indicate you are using the fuel reserve.

This would be as simple, as having an air tank level indicator, a bright blinking light, which would turn on or change colour when close to (and before) start using your security air reserve.

This would be really cheap to build and would give a big profit margin for any company.
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47 comentarios

  • swill
    25 de marzo 09:33

    look here (the first in the world)

  • ajayamar
    26 de abril 10:49

    nice tought ..... never tought so

  • r.vignesh
    20 de enero 02:47

    can save otheres lifes

  • PhilipH
    07 de enero 14:58

    Looking at your picture, I would imagine that such a product would be equally useful in letting one see when OTHER people's reserves were running out, giving divers one more way to look after their buddies. Dive instructors could quickly and straightforwardly check their novice pupils (who after all might still forget what a light means or panic when it comes on).

  • raju naik
    23 de noviembre 10:16

    great idea has to be implemented soon, vote ++

  • stephen
    26 de octubre 22:24

    What about a audio warning system (like a laptop low battery warning)

  • Sidda
    29 de abril 18:33

    i agree with the above idea as it helps in saving the divers by indicating the excess air.

  • sandypat
    25 de abril 07:50

    Good Idea.
    but i am not sure that whether this is not implemented yet.

  • tyty
    20 de abril 14:44

    I think is a good idea because if I went diving I would be distracted by the pretty colors and fishes.

  • sunny619
    20 de enero 13:25

    I like Your Idea........ It's Very cool Man!!!! Thanks For Posting Such Type of ideas..

  • sunny619
    20 de enero 13:23

    Nice Idea Man!!!!

  • spirit
    15 de enero 20:33

    Really useful! Nice idea

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