propose 2 line extension products for Kleenex, kleenglass, and kleenmoist

I propose some line extension products for Kleenex whose brand name has become the generic for the soft paper all purpose tissues.
Taking advantage of strong brand name why not line extend to smaller tissues impregnated with substance to clean your glasses, it would be so convenient to have them handy in your purse ate any time, such products exist, but they are not sold over the counter and with such strong brand name. proposed names kleenglass or kleenglax
The second one I propose is having handy a Kleenex with moisturizing cream tissue , similar to some of the ones you are given at airplanes that would be of great help when you want to quick wash and hydrate your hands Kleenmoist or kleenmoixt


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  • kerlonta
    25 de junio 20:10

    i dont like the first one .... i'm a classic : water + original kleenex , but 2nd on e is good.

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