Create mobile bracelets (brazaletes) “brazamob” , which combines a bracelet and mobile phone add a fashion series suggested tiffankia


Create fashion mobile bracelets (brazaletes) “brazamob” , which combines a bracelet and mobile phone and gives an upbeat name brazamob, predicting a success and a big user base, the mob of mobile bracelets.

This new mobile format which could have the battery and circuits inside in a curve fashion or could be some form of liquid batteries, and the numbers and screen which could be liquid and touch sensitive type on the outside of the bracelet, a hands off sound with different adjustable sound levels and directional speakers that you could adjust, an extensible extractable ear plug for private listening.

You would be able to listen brazamob with a simple movement of your wrist towards your ear and towards your mouth to speak with, you could improve the quality of your voice and hearing with the directional device as per a similar design to the vents and lights of airplanes embedded microphones and speakers of high quality.

It could also contain in a second technological advanced stage a mini printing facility and maybe this would need the support of HP or other companies like the new Polaroid, where you could print mini business cards on the spot of the moment as well as your recent photo or other data such as a telephone in your memory that you need to give to someone

It could come in a unisex design or you could have personalized men and women designs as per the watches

The advantages are that you won’t lose it, as well as the fact that you do not need to have a special place to carry, jacket purse or other, neither the need to carry a watch because it is all included in the same mobile design.

This is an idea for all carriers and could be a joint project of two brands as an example for the luxury version nokia and Tiffany the name for the fashion mobile version could then be tiffankia it could then be specially designed for Tiffany’s

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