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Last weekend I realized how disappointing it is to be treated like scum by a supplier or someone I've bought something or placed an order to. Who hasn't ever felt like an idiot when having to place a complaint to a cellular phone company, in an airport, to the gas complany, or even to that air conditioning store in the corner of your street that promised a fast delivery and made you pass a melting summer???!!!

I am completely sick of that frustration. I demand the net community to create a web for public complaining and plublic advertising of the complaints one might want the world to know about. Like for example me last weekend in Madrid's Atocha rail station where I was fulished by this blondie at RENFE, perfectly trained to back off any complaints and requests from the clients.

I imagine a world in which all consumers are free to publicly advertise their complaints in the net.(Not insulting allowed ofcourse) Where the complaints to each company, restaurant, or any supplier you might imagine would be well organized, categorized by country, productive sector, ranked by company, by number of complaints received and level of aggression to their clients!!!

A place which would make notorious if a company or any of its employees is offending their clients.

The 2.0 net and the numbers are power. Do you imagine a company as known as You Tube ranking complaints??? Would this affect the image of the companies? Would they take care not to appear in those rankings, or lower their position?? Would they take action if an employee receive constant complaints and becomes famous for being an ass???

Would the world be better??? I think so.

Please someone do it. I have some fresh complaints to post already...... ;-)

Sept. 08 -
The article in the Finantial Times calling Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain Pigs.... wouldn't it be  a matter for scorn in ?? I think so... 
(Check the article at :,Authorised=false.html?

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  • antonicat
    15 de septiembre 19:41

    Me parece buena idea, pero siempre que esté regulado por un organismo oficial, como OCU.

  • Mercedes
    18 de agosto 22:15

    This is a very useful idea as long as people don't abuse it or cheat - for example, you want a competitor to sell less of his product? Invent a criticism and post it. I mean, it would be perfect but only if it can be guaranteed that only real problems are published, i.e. they should be somehow verified.

  • Curicano
    21 de julio 03:02

    Exelente idea. Debiera haber una web por pais , recibir publicidad para financiarse , hacer llegar las quejas o reclamos de los ciudadanos a las empresas reclamadas o al Gobierno en caso que la queja sea en contra de este , y adjuntar al reclamo si hubo respuesta o no del reclamado.

  • cristinavega
    03 de julio 10:42

    Aunque no es el primer objetivo de CIAO si se ha convertido en el lugar dondes e dejan ese tipo de quejas (no reclamaciones) y al menos sirve para prevenir a otros posibles inacutoas usuarios.
    Quizá en la web de la OCU se puedan planterase ya las raclamaciones (hay que asociarse) auqnue no lo he verificado.

    Pero un aweb específica de reclamaciones me pare muy buena.

  • moria
    02 de julio 12:49

    I have a few complaints I would reeeally like to post in !!!

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