Flying Cube

Thinking Inside the Box

This idea has three principal sources of inspiration:

1.The concept of thrust vectoring as utilised by high performance jet fighter aircraft, whereby the thrust of the jet engine is directed in the desired direction by the adjustment of moveable flaps inn order to facilitate the rapid change in direction of the aircraft.
2.Noticing that the old biplanes and even triplanes used multiple wing surfaces to generate appropriate lift for these old aircraft.
3.The pre-cursor of both of the preceding, the ancient, yet still utilised design of the traditional Chinese box kite, on which, it would seem, these biplanes were based.

It was while considering the above, that I wondered whether it would be possible to make almost any shape of aircraft fly... naturally, the most un-aerodynamic shape that I could conceive of was the cube. Or box, which triggered thoughts of those old box kites, biplanes, and the thrust vectored engines of the modern jet fighters.
Leading me to think perhaps it would be possible, and moreover, perhaps the possibilites of flight capability of this shape could actually exceed that of modern aircraft in many ways.

The idea I arrived at is as presented in my lovely drawing, image 1, of a wire frame matrix (2) in all three dimensions which describe a cube, on which are attached many small squares of suitably light and strong materials which are arranged themselves in square formation, along the horizontal plane, and built upon the matrix in layers, and which should act in conjunction with each other as the surfaces which generate the lift.
The air, passing through the open ends run horizontally into the centrally located engine/jet/ turbine (3), and is ejected at high velocity through the back... providing the thrust.

This centrally mounted engine allows the thrust to be emitted in any direction by virtue of this assembly being fixed to two circular frames, one within the other, which permit the rotation around two axis.

Many Hands Make Light Work

The multitude of lift surfaces have the advantage over the traditional fuselage and wing lift in that they can each be reconfigured (4,5)to either rotate around the horizontal plane (x), or tilt around axis (z) or (y) almost 180 degrees (depending on method of attachment), or elevate on the wire frame to close upon the square above or below it in order to increase the aperture between one or the other, and act in conjunction with the others t provide lift as if they were one wing surface.
With this multitude of surfaces, almost any shape can be formed (within the parameters of movements). All, for instance, can be as presented in the main image, with the engine inside thrusting the whole thing forward along the horizontal in any direction, or all turn 45 degrees, as if to face the viewer of this image, but with the same effect. Or, it can close the sides, describe a circular aperture in the base, through which the thrust emitted would allow it to hover or fly up vertically... or even a combination of these can allow some thrust to be directed down, and some backward, allowing it to fly 45 degrees upwards and sideways. It can rotate around the central vertical axis and permit a rapid change of direction at crazy angles by using the momentum generated by it's thrust to carry it forward while in an instant closing off and opening up the relevant surfaces, flipping the engine, and re-applying the thrust in the desired direction so as to sequentially arrest the motion, re-apply thrust and shoot off in the new direction in the blink of an eye.

This Is Not A UFO!

In Fact, the only impracticalities, apart from the obvious unmanned condition of the craft, and potential difficulties getting to the engine for service or refuelling, is that it may, due to it's flight pattern and unfamiliar appearance, be misconstrued by any casual observer to be an aircraft of alien origin, and causing panic among the locals where it is seen!

But I conceived it as a technical exercise that could be built to any size, small or large, just to see if it could be made to work, although it has crossed my mind that if this could be done, it could be used by unscrupulous misappropriating government agencies as a potential surveillance drone, in which case, I disown it, and consign it to hell!

(Mind you, they'd be easy to stack and store)
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  • badfaith

    just seen a mysterious drone like object shot down by Israel on the news.... hope it wasn't this!!!!!!
    It wasn't me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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