Travel Without Luggage on Planes

Air travellers, airline companies and government security departments at airports face numerous problems dealing with luggage of passengers. It is expensive to transport cargo by air. It is time-counsuming to scan and clear the baggage of passengers at airports. Airline companies also place many restrictions on the weight and size of an item that can be carried while travelling by air.

It would be better if this type of cargo is moved by road, rail, waterways or sea while the passenger travels by the plane. This idea is most suitable for cities that can be reached by other means of transport within 24-72 hours. Passengers will arrive at the destination city by plane in few minutes or hours while their luggage will arrive at their doorstep within 72 hours.

The luggage of passengers can be collected at the entrance of airport before boarding the plane. A cargo truck will then collect these luggage and deliver at the destination city. Once there, the luggage will be delivered at the doorstep of passengers using same or smaller cargo vehicles. Luggage can also be collected by the traveller at the destination city from the warehouse of cargo transporter.

At present, passengers avoid carrying heavy items and travel only with most necessary items. Carrying heavier than the specified weight into airplane also requires paying more. It should be cheaper to send luggage by road than air. There will be no need to pass luggage through security checks when travelling within the same country. Passengers can carry more luggage as much as they want. They can also send their luggage a few days before travelling and arrive at the destination city to receive their luggage on the same day.
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