Consider YALDAH As Best Bat Mitzvah Project For Charity

What else can be called as appropriate Bat Mitzvah gifts other than jewellery pieces like Magen Dovid Pendent, Tree of life necklace, Pink Sapphire Hamsa Pendent, stylish fashionable outfit such as Ruffle Cascade Blouse, Hang Ten Sarong Skirt?

Get all these appropriate Bat Mitzvah gifts through YALDAH. Yes, you definitely can get such items from any local shop or any other online shopping site. But, Yaldah, which itself is a perfect Bat Mitzvah gift for Jewish girls, can help you well to find appropriate bat mitzvah gifts as well as gives you suitable Bat Mitzvah gift ideas.

YALDAH, actually is a creation of a Bat Mitzvah girl, ‘Leah’, for Bat Mitzvah girls. The magazine, which a number of girls are fond of is founded by Leah Caras. It was since the age of 13 Leah has been running YALDAH, which is now growing many folds at every stage.

Through such an amazing magazine for teenager s, Leah has added many feathers into her hat. Among numerous awards she has received, ‘Super Teen’ award by the Next Step Magazine is the one. While, in the winter 2010, she was honoured as a “Point of Light” for Yeshiva University. Moreover, in the Winter 2005 i.e. just few months after its inception, YALDAH received Microsoft’s ‘Start Something Amazing Award’, and its first fiction book ‘One is Not a Lonely Number’ added a silver medal into its arsenal offered by the Sydney Taylor Book Awards.

Right after her Bat Mitzvah, Leah came out with YALDAH magazine; first edition of which was spread through 150 copies. It was featured in various Jewish newspapers, along with local TV and the Radio. The magazine, completely for Jewish Girls from Jewish Girls, embraced 13 Jewish girls into its first Editorial Board.

Till its first anniversary, the numbers of copies of YALDAH were increased four folds compared to the number of copies it started with. Within just a year the magazine witnessed its readers increasing leaps and bounds. In this regard, an article about YALDAH in American Girl magazine helped it substantially bringing in many new readers. Influencing a number of girls, YALDAH attracted numerous readers as well as contributors towards it which leads to receive around a hundred applications for its second Editorial Board.

Amid a number of activities and events that YALDAH conducts for its readers, ‘community and school fundraiser’ is the major activity that YALDAH has come up with during Fall 2011. Through community and school fundraiser Jewish girls can see YALDAH as the best Bat Mitzvah project to raise money for any of their favourite charities.
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