Sunglasses cam with live video feed

Someone needs to invent sunglasses with a small camera that can stream live video to a site like through a phone network. Let me know if you make it.
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  • sujeath
    03 de mayo 16:03
    You can get these here.
    Now all we need to do is integrate a bluetooth antennae for relay through phone via videocall to a computer or a broadcasting station. The camera isnt really great though, 1.3 mp, but it has stereo sound and an inbuilt battery.

  • echeva
    16 de julio 21:39

    There are sunglasses with video cameras, which taansmit video signal both wired an wirelessly. You may find them at ebay and many other places for about $300 or less. If you use a wireless system, and the receiver is close to you (maybe, you can put it in aa vehicle), you may digitize this video stream with a computer and send it to aa phone line.

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