Public Orchards

In These tough economic times, even finding the money for basic food needs is getting tough for some. Certainly healthy food choices or nutritional dietary supplements is out of the question, as the the more natural, and organic the produce, the more expensive it seems to get.



Food Doesn't Grow on Trees you know!!! ...Oh, Wait a minute...



So, inspired by previous generations from the turn of the last century, who sought to make provision for the health and well-being of the poorest in our society by creating public parks and recreation grounds for all to enjoy, I think our governments should consider creating Public Orchards.
These would be park like spaces with avenues of fruit (and nut) bearing trees and shrubs which the public can freely enter and pick naturally grown wild fruits to supplement their diet, and from which, they can take assurance that whatever their circumstances may be, they will always have some of their basic nutritional requirements met... free of charge.


This can ease at least some of the pressure on food banks, possibly have an impact on prices at the supermarket, and possibly through doing this, make fruit farmers choose to grow other fruits, making them more competitively priced too.


With a range of seasonal fruits, nuts, and berries available, this can go some way to improving the basic standard of public health, and by so doing, perhaps take some of the pressure off healthcare institutions.

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