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This is an Idea for a net for a tree to catch falling fruit and maybe keep cats out of the way of birds in the process.

5-7 Bars of the shape illustrated in my drawing diagram are connected to each other with two nets (1 (running the length of the back piece, nearest the tree trunk)), and (2 (only from point A to B, so as to allow a gap for the fruit to fall through between these two nets)), the whole assemble is wrapped around the tree, just under the branches, so it resembles a washing line, and the two extreme end bars meet, and are tied together, so they grip the tree, and hold it in place.

The fruit then falls on to the first net between points A and B (2), and bounces easily to the centre, off the back net at (1), then falls and rolls to point (2)B, where it comes to rest, and can then be gathered easily by a farmer or hungry person. The fruit then is spared from falling to the ground, and spoiling through decomposition, and waste is eliminated.


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