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This is a structural weave design for the elastic in a sock, that I think may stop socks falling down.


Normal socks have elastic in them which are weaved in a straight “up and down”, and “side to side” (horizontal loops) design, but this means that the elastic is always trying to pull together to it's resting, un-stretched shape, which it can't do, because of the leg inside it... so instead it seeks the nearest, narrowest point of the leg so as to approximate this state as closely as it can- at the ankle.


So to counter this, my design arranges the elastic weave so that the threads (or one continuous thread intersecting with itself) pull against each other, rather than pulling such a way, that even the tendency to drop to the ankle is cancelled through each thread being held up by the collective pull of all the other threads acting on one, in a reciprocal manner.


My illustration shows a basic funnel, or tube diagram drawing of this part of the sock (1), with the darker line showing the definition of just one thread within this structure, so you can see how, through repetition of this loop through the whole circumference of the tube, the weave is made.
It starts at the bottom of the ankle (1+2(A)), on one side of the leg, and loops up, out, and round the leg to the top of the opposite side of the leg (B), and so repeats, all the way round.


(2) shows this in side elevation, and finally (3) shows the sock stretched around the leg, with the arrows showing the direction of the tendency to pull.


Where the small cross hatches appear on this leg drawing shows where these threads intersect, and are attached to each other, and it is along these lines also that the tension in the stretched thread pulls, and distributes the tension to other threads going in opposite directions, and is in turn counter pulled by them collectively.


Anyway, that's the theory!


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