Power generator gym

Well in youtube, we can find something similar to this. www.youtube.com/watch

In this advertaisment, the bicycle energy is used to light up a building with a man dancing. Instead of this we could replace the light tubes for some kind of battery.
Altough it's necessary to consider some points about this way of stocking energy.
  • Strengths: Good way of reducing part of energy bill.
  • Weaknesses: Not everyone can cycle as an professional biker to sustain its own house. Depending how we stock this energy it would take too long to fill up and also, it could have some loss that would make its production useless.
  • Opportunities: It's a nice way to start up a new business, it would be a great way to recycle energy. Not everyone uses it and it would be an improvement.
  • Threats: Fatigue, initial cost would be high.
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  • haipavan99

    making the gym cost is free... more coustmers attracted, selling power the gym maintanance will run

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