Self driving cars

A car provided with a GPS system knows its position continuously. This technology combined with traffic information provided by a telephone cellular system (EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA2000), currently allows it to know the best way for a specific target. GPS precision is not very accurate, but currently artificial vision technology is mature enough to let the car follow indications in roads, to be within its lane, and so mature is also proximity detection to avoid other cars.

So… why not building self driving cars, able to self drive themselves in closed highways where unexpected events like people or animal crossing would be avoided?
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  • jlcanales
    22 de mayo 10:04

    Building self driving cars is a bad idea. If we had this kind of cars, the goverment would try to take control of it and drive for us (as they suggest in their last advertising capaing). This situation would became in a traffic disaster.

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