Accessible, User-Generated Consumer Reports

 I was turned onto this idea while listening to a podcast about the short history of Youtube's growth.  This essay spoke about how two of the early 'successes" of youtube in regards to viral videos and viewership were two consumer reports regarding popular lines of vehicles.  This story is that the vehicles were poorly made (although aggressively marketed) and a number of youtube parodies of their commercials were created and had more viewers than the actual commercials.

From this beginning, Youtube has grown into an over 1 Billion dollar startup in about 18 months.

What if though - there was a user generated (video/audio/text) format for people to praise, rant about, or offer tutorials on common retail (or non-retail) products.  Something like a cross between youtube and consumer reports. Often all we get in accessible consumer reports are actually commercials paid for by large corporations to promote their own products (in western Canada we have a series called "Brand Power" that does just that).

As the user-generated strength of Youtube has shown - the people have the desire to speak and communicate - let's focus some of that desire to helping correct consumer advertising and poor quality products.  PLUS, for people like me who become so angry when I've purchased a lame-duck product - it could be therapeutic to rant and rave abit about it - while using video to show people the exact flaws in the product design.   I'm thinking it could be called "Like it, Love it, Hate it". 

Anyone interested in helping develop this further??

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4 comentarios

  • sujeath
    03 de mayo 15:56

    Great, these would be like reviews of everything !

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 14:15

    contact me! give me your mail

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 14:15

    I am very interested

  • gds
    17 de julio 11:03

    I think is a really good idea... I whole area of the site you propose would be for IKEA... haha, and another for Microsoft and Vista please! ;-)

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