Building on the web hotornot idea initiative okorko

I think is a great and fun idea and project, to vote the different sites that you might like or dislike and know, after voting, what is the general consensus vote. Comes from OK or KO for the site when voting

How to improve ideas 

But I also believe additional information would help, like the need to know how many sites are there to vote, and the time to vote all of them, I have spent quite some time and had to stop because it was never ending and did not know how much time was needed..

Some kind of categorization could help. Then you vote only on the categories you prefer or normally use. Also by language maybe, I voted other languages sites by what I understood visually...not too fair probably..  it took some time to notice I could decline to vote if wanted to.

Also the daily and monthly ratings would be interesting to see, votes by countries etc...Lots of potential...

 A good idea by Sifry and Varsavsky in a very early development stage
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ana maria llopis

ana maria llopis


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