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Sending messages to other drivers while driving

Sometimes you would like to communicate with the closest cars to you while driving. Maybe because you want to apologize for an error, maybe because they are flaming you with the horn but you can't go forward, cause the way is blocked or you can see a danger they don't, maybe because they are appealing ;-)

So a luminous panel, maybe scrolling, to be place on your rear window may help to this. Ok, it might be distracting for you or the other drivers, or it may even be use for violence, but it can be avoided just by pre-programming it with a reduced set of predefined messages associated to buttons.

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3 comentarios

  • japanchris

    If a car came too close to your car at high speed, using a sensor and the speedo computer the message could automatically say "Your Too Close, Slow Down" and so on.

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  • Aji

    I agree with the above idea as it helps in reducing the noise pollution, helps in reducing accidents.

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  • spirit

    Good idea! Although it could be a distraction for other drivers

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