Automatic Counting systems

I have already tested several technolgies providing around 95 - 99% reliability, on public, industrial and rugged areas.
A combined system consisting on already tested technologies, especifically adapted to airplanes can:
1.- Guarantee much higher reliability than current manual redundant counting or any commercial system.
2.- Provide image documented counting proof of results, able to be checked and confirmed off line by human survey.
3.- Data and video files manageable to feed manual and automatic quality control systems.
4.- Real time data and images easy to transmit and integrate into existing or specific management systems.
All above functionalities exist, have been tested and validated.
I have already designed installation models for third party commercial systems, as well as tested and certified counting systems, so find it possible and not excessive difficult (although exhaustive) to improve in several orders of magnitude current methodologies.
Best wishes


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