Communities for Communities

Have individual communities (i.e. Political municipalities) come together to support another individual community in the third world. For example, have the whole community come together (businesses, schools, churches, community organizations, families and individuals) and raise a certain amount of money over the course of one year to support that other third-world community.

How is this different?

Together we can achieve more.

It's that simple.

Individually one may donate 5$ to a charity, but the sense of community that comes along with it maybe will get you to donate up to 20$.

Not only that, but it will change the whole ethos of the community. No longer will the community, even if only subconsciously, think of itself as it's end goal. It will change the culture to be more altruistic and focused on international issues and social justice. Which of course will completely change everything, even the way they vote.
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