Built on Free phonecalls with ads

I think we would all accept to talk by phone for free if all we have to "pay" is listening from time to time a commercial advertising.
The idea would be to insert commercial ads. in the conversations that the two people that are talking would listen.

Commercials could change depending on the words that you are using on the conversation (like google does with gmail).
I guess telephone companies have the technology to do that, and many corporations would like to use that service to promote their products.

The time between one commercial and another could depend on the distance of the destiny of our phonecall. If you are talking with other country you would have to listen a commercial every minute, or something like that...

I dont really like to think of a world full of commercial ads. but I dont like to pay just for talking neither...

I think if you could answer the phone with a fifteen second advertisement, then one ad per 20 minutes it would be good. Do enough so it's free, but not enough to annoy people.
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  • globalmindthink
    24 de julio 11:03

    Advertisement is built on repetition, I have almost stopped watching TV because of that.... it's being taken for stupid that bothers me... if the ad would be..... catered to my being instead of my potential addiction... your idea would be sound for me.

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