ENDANGERED BIRDS AND FLOWERS - picture them in every open space in the WORLD

 For the entire world:

 In every country, let every available open space be used to depict the pictures of endangered birds/ flowers to help the current and future generations to learn for themselves about the beautiful inhabitants of Earth forever. They may not get a chance to see them but let them be not deprived of a chance, at the least, to learn about them.

I am from Chennai, India. In my beautiful city, i am trying to establish the longest open museum to help the children. On a ten kilometers route, the Railways department have implemented the Metro Rail project and there are large pillars along the way. Thousands of children commute along this corridor as they  go to or return from the school. I suggested the idea of getting the pictures of birds and flowers ( one for each pillar) and their names. These children, as they walk past, will surely learn and some of them may get inspired and will go on to do something big in their Life. The Metro Rail Department informed me that the space on these pillars has been alreay given for advertisement ( it hurts really). I am determined to help them as well as the corporates who havebought that space that this initiative is important for the children because they are the future.

That's when it struck me to suggest this to the entire world, I haven't come across anyhting like this in London/New York/Tokyo. I have come across instances of random art  but info about birds and flowers will always entertain anyone. 
I request every EARTHLING  to start something similar in their city.

India's prestigious National Newspaper The Hindu carried a story on my idea:


email: pvaithyanathan@gmail.com

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