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Using usual movement to charge batteries

Everybody knows those gadgets you put in your belt which make use of you movements while walking to tell you the distance you have walked. Everybody also knows watches who take your movement energy to work.

Why not making a gadget to charge batteries, mobile phones, PDAs, just by using your movements while walking?
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4 comentarios

  • smithdelabarca

    Now, that is a good idea! I wonder if this gadget hasn't been invented yet... I will investigate and let you know. =)

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  • nikita

    Good idea!

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  • paula

    That's a good idea, although I think people like you could never charge them... I mean, you don't walk a lot because you are always working or crushing cars :P

    (just joking, don't take it the wrong way!)

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  • echeva

    Here I've found a similar though more elaborated idea:

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