Defy Epic Codes and Conventions

We all know it.

We all know that in every epic movie, especially fantasy adventure epic, you have to have the right music. The conventional John Williams or Hans Zimmer music. 

But why not defy that convention?

Use different music for epic movies. Make good, authentic choices for music in your movies. I do not mean to say the styles of John Williams or Zimmer are bad, just that we need something new. Something breath-takingly original, something that creates value and meaning but it totally new.

What do you think?
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4 comentarios

  • astuledano
    15 de enero 17:09

    I agree with you in most of your conclusions

  • Isaiah
    20 de julio 01:54

    For example I just say "The Dark Knight". What if they tried, I don't know, Miles Davis? Hmmm...... you can;t dismiss it unless you've heard it. Ever heard of Dark Side of the Rainbow? Mixing a type of music that doesn't really go with what it is.

  • Isaiah
    20 de julio 01:53

    I see symphonic music as good, but there needs to be something new. I am not saying experimental music, but rather the newness of it would be it added to the film. I would shy away from Rock and Pop, but there's indie music out there that could be used.

  • echeva
    20 de julio 01:35

    OK, that's a good idea, if we think abstract. But styles like the ones which currently succeed are just symphonic music. The key of success of williams from movies like Star Wars is putting symphonic classical-like music in the action. During previous periods of science fiction (the 60s, the 50s) other kinds of "experimental" music were used. Think of soundtracks like Forbidden Planet or Logan's Run. What are you thinking about? do you have a more precise idea or do you just feel the need for something new, still to be defined?

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