making fridge cum air cooler or AC

This is Milind Mhaprolkar. Just came to know on net that we may share our idea to correct company through you so that both can reap benefit.
I would like share an idea which due to lack of amenities I cannot simulate. A refrigerator or fridge cools the object keep in it. But it cools down only when it is closed and no point if we create hole if will not cool in inside also. Rather we can just take a aluminium bottle which is good conductor of cold fill it with water and insert a u aluminium pipe with both come out. Now to bring this 2 end of pipe outside the fridge. We may use the lock which hole. Removing lock hole and removing to end of aluminum pipe outside to block the fridge lock hole we may use rubber cock which will not let the inside cooling of fridge to come out. Now if we extend the one end to up near top end of room. And think of blowing or sucking air or circulate water from this pipe this will give cold air or water output which can continuously cool the temperature of room.
Milind G Mhaprolkar
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  • janicerand
    24 de agosto 10:49

    Thank you for sharing your idea milind_1985171 :)

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