A Peel Of Bells

Here's an Idea for a new musical instrument.

(Well, a new approach to one of the oldest instruments).

I saw a programme featuring hand bell - ringing (Campanology) recently, and an idea popped in my head when I saw the array of different sized bells lain out before each of the bell ringers for the different notes and pitches they would require to perform one piece of music.

What if there were a single bell that could achieve different notes and/or pitches as required?

...and what would such a bell look like, and how would it be constructed?

This led to ideas from several different sources coming to mind in how this might be done:

An Orange, or Apple peel, when it is peeled in on single, long spiral was the central idea, as this elongated helix is quite springy and the length and diameter it describes can change if you were to hold it by one end and gently bounce it up and down.

This made me think that a 'Slinky' or standard metal spring could also do this, and if the construction of the bell were like this, then surely you could alter the pitch or note of the bell by applying different amounts of force in the ringing action... whereby you describe a gentle arc with the bell as you swing it back and forth to make the clapper hit the inside of the bell...

… With an adjustable helix bell, constructed of suitable material (brass would be too stiff by itself, perhaps sprung steel, or an alloy of steel and brass or something) the helix, or “Spring” bell would elongate, and the diameter of the inside of the bell tighten where more force is applied in the swing, causing the centrifugal energy to pull the bell out. And as the force is eased, the springy nature of the metal would return it to it's original position, allow for a variable pitch bell to be contained within one bell.

With a fixed length rod for the clapper inside the bell, this would mean also, that the clapper would strike a different part of the inside of the bell as the bell is swung, and variations on force are applied.

But another method of using this bell also occurred to me:

Rolling the bell around a vertical axis, would cause the clapper (if so unrestricted from a simple backward and forward motion) to roll around the inside too, so a droning sound could be made, and again, the more force applied rolling, the more the bell lengthens, and tightens, and so adjust the resonance and sound emitted.

My illustration shows such a helical end to the bell, with the helix wrapping around the bell, and itself (overlapping,to allow the lengthening without losing the closed nature of the bell).

I think.... Omni-Bell, is a good name for it.


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  • janicerand
    08 de febrero 14:19

    Thank you badfaith for sharing your idea :)

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