ONE IN YOUR WEB seeking double in photos around the world

We know that we all have a double seems to us physically somewhere in the world.
By using advanced programmes for the police to recognize faces through software would create a website where the user incorporates a photograph.
This is compared with the rest of users worldwide and the program returns you your face with your "double" and the possibility of contacting them.
It would be great fun and good business since it would give rise to create and manage travel-specific know, conventions doubles and a lot of fun activities supported by advertising on the Web itself.
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juan pérez-solero puig

juan pérez-solero puig


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4 comentarios

  • damary
    21 de abril 08:19

    Good idea +++

  • vero09
    20 de agosto 00:28

    Good Idea!! :-D

  • koolhaas
    10 de febrero 13:15

    Absolutely great idea! vote++++

  • ana maria llopis
    29 de julio 17:08

    Since I am a twein I find this proposal fascinating and fun

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