Use the subway, "the tube" or "el metro" by night as a freight transport and delivery system.

The Problem:
In this era of high fuel prices, freight transportation and delivery account for a high impact in CO2 emissions and energy costs, specially in busy cities.
Besides, encouraging the use of public transport is a must, being the metro (subway, the tube, ..., ) one of the "greenest" ways.

The Solution:
Why not combine both issues in a single idea?
In most cities the subway doesn't work by night due to people not using it (therefore not profitable) or being too costly or insecure, so why not use the subway by night as a freight transportation and delivery system?

The Idea:
The subway can be used by night as a freight transportation system with purpose-built trains designed to transport different sizes of containers designed for maximum capacity and versatility.
Trains would run by night covering the whole subway network.
There would be a control and planification system to optimize all aspects about  the delivery of the cargo.
Cargo can be taken from the train to the surface using elevators or escalators with platforms like those for disabled people.
Cargo can be stored in the surface to wait for the early morning collection.

The Benefits:
Already existing infrastructure; tunnels, tracks, stations, ...
Dedicated means of transport for a time slot of several hours each day.
Delivery points (stations) throughout the whole city, very close to end customers: shops, businesses, supermarkets, ...)
Clean, cheap and efficient transport. Only uses electricity, no fossil fuels therefore less CO2 emmissions.
Frees roads, less road congestions, less accidents, ...
Different price ranges due to different container sizes to fit a variety of budgets and customers.

The Customers:
Suitable for any kind of product that needs to be delivered nightly and collected in the morning.
Mail delivery companies, local delivery companies, newspapers and magazines distribution, stocks distribution for shops, supermarkets and food distribution, ...


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4 comentarios

  • amma
    27 de febrero 12:38

    u seems better than me use your brain what i mean waise action speaks louder than words

  • alricomail
    24 de febrero 16:30

    great idea, simple, powerful, eficient...congratulations

  • suzyq
    15 de septiembre 18:39

    No thanks, the metro goes right by our building and we are glad when it stops for the night!

  • ana maria llopis
    29 de julio 17:02

    I think this is a simple jet great idea for energy savings, cost reduction, synergies of different administration services and customer satisfaction when designed fully.
    Looking forward to Governments , Local Administrations and trensportation companies noticing and implementing it

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